Financial Support

Air Force ROTC offers scholarships for High School Seniors as well as current college students. Scholarships are offered for up to four years and pay from $9,000 to full tuition. Cadets on scholarship also receive a monthly stipend as well as a textbook allowance.

Illinois State Tuition Waiver

Illinois residents attending certain universities may be eligible for this tuition waiver! Look at our flyer for more information.


Career Options

As an officer in the Air Force or Space Force, the career opportunities are truly endless. For more information on Air Force careers, visit


Student Life

Life as a cadet can be extremely rewarding. Cadets can take advantage of opportunities such as Air Force Color Guard, Drill Team, Arnold Air Society, and many more with the opportunity for leadership positions! Not to mention, Detachment 195 is located in the heart of Chicago, so there's always something new happening!



Just a few minutes from downtown Chicago, our cadets enjoy the advantages of going to school in an exciting community. Check out the official city website for Chicago to view upcoming events.


How to Join

The application process is quite simple. High school students can start the process as early as the fall of their senior year. Please contact for more information. You can find more useful links here.


Types of Scholarships

The AFROTC Scholarship program awards scholarships for cadets through competitive national selection. Scholarships cover part or full tuition, books, fees, and have other financial benefits. For cadets attending IIT, IIT also takes care of room and board fees. Some of our crosstown schools also offer awesome subsidies to help pay for school as well! You do not need to be on scholarship to be a part of the detachment. You can read more about scholarships on the official AFROTC website.


The AFROTC detachment at IIT is looking for bright, sharp, physically fit, and well-rounded individuals. To see a more detailed description of requirements, please visit the official AFROTC website requirements page.

Air Force Careers

Cadets who graduate the AFROTC program are commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants in the Air Force and Space Force. Officers have a very large range of possible careers to choose from. Some examples include pilot, engineer, cyber-ops, maintenance, medical, special operations, and many more! Check out the careers section of the Air Force website for more information.


Please visit this page for a list of answers to some frequently asked questions, feel free to contact us if you have further questions!


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*Current as of: 1 January 2021