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Spring 2019 Winners


Andrew Bird

Cadet Andrew Bird is a Mechanical Engineering major attending North Central College in Naperville, IL.
Cadet Bird is aiming to serve in the United States Air Force as a pilot. He joined Air Force ROTC to challenge himself and improve as an individual in all aspects of life. He is grateful for the opportunities as well as the strong leaders he has met through Air Force ROTC. He continues to strive for improvement and consistently searches for new challenges. As an AS200 cadet, Cadet Bird has found a deeper devotion to what it truly means to serve in the finest air force in the world.


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Vincent Senese

Cadet Vincent Senese is a Criminal Justice Major at Governors State University.
Cadet Senese aspires to be a Security Forces Officer, or an OSI Agent in the United States Air Force.
He joined AFROTC after 4 motivating years in AFJROTC which inspired his goals and made him want to join the Air Force. Cadet Senese has goals to develop as a leader, a wingman, and as a person. Cadet Senese also hopes to honor his Grandfather who served in the United States Army during the Korean War, and to be a part of something bigger than himself.


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Spring 2018 Winners


Matthew Szolek-Van Valkenburgh

Cadet Matthew Szolek-Van Valkenburgh is an Unmanned Aircraft Systems major attending
Lewis University in Romeoville. Cadet Szolek-Van Valkenburgh strives to become a pilot in the
United States Air Force. He joined to honor his grandfather, a retired Air Force chaplain,
and to pursue his education. Cadet Szolek-Van Valkenburgh is an AS 200 cadet and seeks
to embody the Air Force core values.


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Austin Worley

Cadet Austin Worley is an Aerospace Engineering major attending
Illinois Institute of Technology. Cadet Worley is interested in Space Operations.
He joined AFROTC to utilize his education within the United States Air Force. Cadet
Worley aspires to further develop the engineering capabilities of the Air Force.
Cadet Worley is an AS 100 cadet and seeks to learn more about the Air Force.


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Isabella Cordova

Cadet Isabella Cordova is a nursing major and a psychology minor attending Loyola University Chicago.
Cadet Cordova aspires to be a Nurse Anesthetist in the United States Air Force. She joined AFROTC in
order to take one step toward her goal to service the men and women of our armed forces. Cadet Cordova
believes that as a nurse, it is her duty to ensure the optimal health of our military personnel so that
they can continue to service our country. As an AS 200 cadet, she continues to strive for excellence as a cadet and as a student.


Scholarship Winner



Robert Boland

Cadet Robert Boland is a Sophomore at Lewis University studying Psychology and Russian.
He aspires to be a Intel officer and eventually a psychologist. He joined AFROTC to help others and to serve his country. As an AS 200 cadet, Cadet Boland strives to achieve excellence in all he does
to prepare himself for field training.


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Elise Jakubowski

Cadet Elise Jakubowski is a nursing major and psychology minor attending Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois. Cadet Jakubowski aspires to be a Flight Nurse for the United States Air Force.
She joined Air Force ROTC aiming to serve in the
armed forces and build upon leadership skills to benefit others in the future.
As an AS 100 cadet, she strives for academic and
military excellence with a goal of providing premier medical care to our service men and women.


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Atirah Winford

Cadet Atirah Winford is an Electrical Engineering major attending Illinois Institute of Technology.
Cadet Winford joined the Air Force to develop herself mentally and physically.
As an AS200 cadet she continues to challenge herself to be the best she can be. She wishes
to become a developmental engineer in order to improve, maintain,
and create now technologies that will support the Air Force mission.


Scholarship Winner



Garrison Wendlberger

Cadet Garrison Wendlberger is a Economics Major
currently attending Loyola University Chicago. Cadet Wendlberger
desires to either be a Pilot or a Logistics Officer for the
United States Air Force. He originally joined ROTC in search for financial
assistance for college, but soon found a passion for AFROTC. Cadet Wendlberger
has found that he has developed as a leader, student,
and person while in ROTC. Along side with his own personal development
Cadet Wendlberger has found passion in serving a purpose
greater than himself. As an AS 100 Cadet, he has learned what it takes to
not only be an Officer in the Air Force, but to also be the
best version of himself.


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